"Built upon Nordson MARCH’s patented plasma technology,
the FlexTRAK®-SHS is our latest fully automated plasma
system incorporating a high-capacity F3-S chamber, to provide high uniformity and increased productivity. The chamber architecture remains the same as the smaller FlexTRAK® platform, providing a seamless transition between chambers as production demands more capacity.

Industry-Leading Throughput
• Large capacity F3-S process chamber
• Simultaneous strip buffering and processing
• Advanced automation and magazine splitting capabilities
New Product Development
• Advanced material handling
• Ability to accommodate increasingly larger strip sizes
• Sophisticated jam detection
Application Flexibility
• Plasma chamber effectiveness
• Configurable process chamber
• Versatile treatment modes"

Nordson MARCH's AP series of vacuum plasma treatment systems includes batch units with small, mid-size and large vacuum chamber options that deliver process correlation, controller continuity and reliable, reproducible vacuum gas plasma treatment to customers as they expand from an R&D environment to various levels of production.

AP series plasma treatment machines are suitable for a wide variety of plasma cleaning, surface activation and adhesion improvement applications. These capabilities are used for semiconductor manufacturing, microelectronic packaging and assembly, and by manufacturers of medical and life science devices. The AP Series consists of four batch plasma treatment systems offering small, mid-size and large vacuum chamber options that deliver process correlation, controller continuity and reliable, reproducible vacuum gas plasma treatment to customers as they expand from an R&D environment to various levels of production.

Imina Technologies’ Nanoprobing SEM Solutions are turnkey for electrical characterization of microelectronic devices and in situ semiconductor failure analysis. Up to 8 nanoprobers can be delivered in various configurations to adapt to customer applications requirements and equipment. The circular platforms can either be mounted on the SEM sample positioning stage, or be loaded via the SEM load-lock. Best in class in situ preamplifiers and scan generators are compatible with the Nanoprobing Solutions to perform quantitative EBIC and low noise EBAC/RCI analyses.

The miBot manipulator is a mobile micro-robot. It means that it moves directly over the surface of the base on which your sample lays and has no mounting screws. The manipulator can therefore be pre-positioned by hand, making it very fast to set-up and reconfigure.
Moreover, no movements of the miBot manipulator are coupled. It makes it extremely intuitive to control, significantly reduces the time to achieve complex manipulation, and eliminates the risk of damaging samples.

The easiness-of-use of the miBot manipulator enables anybody to be trained in a few minutes and quickly obtain results from his applications.

Explorer One is an exceptional tool for screening quality defects in electronics production.

Explorer One enables you to detect a wide range of manufacturing defects including BGA, QFN and IGBT attachment, PTH filling, interfacial voiding, component cracking and counterfeit device screening.

Prove Your Quality

Inspect the hidden regions of your products which are inaccessible to optical tools.

2æm feature recognition up to 90 kV / 10 W
Magnification up to x 400
Inspection area: 300 x 300 mm (12"" x 12"")
10 frames per second image acquisition and mouse based control allows you to navigate samples fast and identify defects quickly.

Inspect Fast

Enjoy high throughput even with a high mix of products.

Save time inspecting multiple boards. Program an automated AIR inspection routine once, then load, click and go.
See from every side at high magnification and up to 60ø oblique angles. Nordson DAGE's unique double angle geometry does not rotate the board so you never lose orientation.
Click to jump directly to a specific part. Component Location uses your design data so you always know what you are looking at.

Super Compact Footprint

Our smallest, lightest X-ray inspection system.

Be up and running fast. Explorer One balances board size and system footprint, giving you a tool which is easy to site and quick to install.
Maintenance free. Regular preventative maintenance visits are not required to guarantee optimum X-ray performance. Simply inspect and radiation check annually.
EnviroShieldT. A new, proprietary lead-free X-ray shielding technology from Nordson DAGE, EnviroShield is non-toxic and easy to dispose of at end of life. We hope EnviroShield in Explorer One will help us divert hundreds of tonnes of lead from being used in the future.

Smooth operation and fast measurements are assured with a high-power control PC

22"" WUXGA 1920 x 1080 Primary LED Monitor
Windows 10 64-Bit Operating System

Time to Explore - Explorer one
Corporate Video - Nordson Sonoscan
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