The pendulum impact testers series CHK. 1 in benchtop design with nominal energy up to 50J belong due to their accuracy, reliability, ergonomic layout and originality in evaluation of the test among the world´s top class in the field of impact tests. Impact pendulum testers up to 50J are designed to suit the operator ergonomically and functionally in conjunction with a bench. Unique touch screen integration concept with full PC including IMPACTTest software.
PHI’s patented Parallel Imaging MS/MS mass spectrometer provides superior sensitivity, low spectral background, unique ability to image highly topographic surfaces, high mass accuracy and mass resolution, and unambiguous peak identification with parallel tandem MS imaging capability. The PHI nanoTOF 3 can be configured with a wide variety of options to optimize performance for organic materials, inorganic materials, or both, depending on customer requirements.

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The PHI VersaProbe 4 is a highly versatile, multi-technique instrument with PHI’s patented, monochromatic, micro-focused, scanning X-ray source. The instrument offers true SEM-like ease of operation with superior micro area spectroscopy and excellent large area capabilities. The fully integrated multi-technique platform of the PHI VersaProbe 4 offers an array of optional excitation sources, sputter ion sources, and sample treatment and transfer capabilities. These features are essential in studying today’s advanced materials and in supporting your material characterization and problem-solving needs.

The new PHI VersaProbe 4 has improved spectroscopic performance, new large area imaging and mapping capabilities, and environmentally friendly modern configuration with efficient power consumption, faster pump-down and ergonomic design.

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Advanced Digital Camera for Challenging Applications
DP74 Digital Microscope Camera

Intelligent Imaging for an Improved Workflow
The DP74 color camera supports advanced functions to capture high-quality images. It’s optimized for fluorescence imaging with powerful noise reduction and a high level of gain sensitivity.

Fast Image Acquisition, Fast Inspections
High-definition 1920 × 1200-pixel live images can be displayed at 60 fps, enabling clear observation and real-time focusing with no image deterioration. During inspections, the camera renders clear images of microstructures, such as fine patterns on wafers or the surfaces of new materials. When using features such as multiple image alignment (MIA) to acquire panoramic images or extended focus imaging (EFI) to capture an all-in-focus image over multiple Z-levels, the camera’s high frame rate enables users to complete their imaging tasks quickly and efficiently.

Detect Subtle Flaws
A sample’s appearance can vary depending on the quality of the material, surface conditions, or illumination methods. To show samples accurately, the camera’s Live High Dynamic Range (HDR) combines several images taken at different exposures to correct for brightness differences on the sample’s surface. Live HDR provides high-fidelity images that show not only textures but also flaws and defects that were previously undetectable. Glare is also reduced for more comfortable observation.

Observe Faint Fluorescence
A CMOS drive system, low-noise electronics, and optimized image processing enable you to capture images across a broad range of signal gain corresponding to ISO200-6400 standards. The camera’s advanced technologies enable the CMOS sensor to capture sample details using multiple observation methods such as reflected light, darkfield, or fluorescence.

High-Resolution Images Under Low Magnification
Using 3-CMOS mode, a 2.3-megapixel CMOS is combined with pixel-shifting technology, resulting in a 20.7-megapixel resolution. In addition to conventional 3 × 3 pixel shifting of one color per pixel, the DP74 camera’s 3-CMOS pixel shift mode enables three-color image resolution (RGB) within a single pixel to further enhance resolution.

Simplify Complex Microscope-Based Manufacturing Tasks

The AR1 microscope system enables you to overlay text and digital images over your microscope's field of view, making it easy to follow directions, read notes, and even watch videos without removing your eyes from the eyepieces.

The AR1 module works with Olympus SZX stereo microscopes, turning them into augmented reality tools that improve the speed and efficiency of your microscope-based manufacturing tasks and training.

LABORTECH s.r.o. - Czech Manufacturer of test equipment and automation
New Microprobe PHI VersaProbe 4 is available now
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