Pushing the Limits of Technology and Safety in Flight

Aviation maintenance industry is responsible for the repair, maintenance, and overhaul of aircraft and aircraft components to ensure their safe and efficient operation. It includes a range of services, such as routine maintenance, inspections, repairs, modifications, and upgrades. 

The aviation maintenance industry plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of aircraft, which is essential for the aviation industry as a whole. It is a highly regulated industry, with strict quality and safety standards to ensure the airworthiness of aircraft. 

Core Solutions
Evident BX53M
Industrial Microscope

An optical instrument that uses a combination of lenses to produce magnified image for quality inspection and analysis of samples.

EVIDENT IPLEX Remote Video Inspection
Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

A portable system that enables visual observation to be performed remotely via external camera-based equipment.

FT200 Series
XRF Coating Thickness Analyzer

Coating Thickness, Elemental Analysis & RoHS Inspection Using X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer.

CAL3K-AP Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System
Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Systems

Heat measurement on ignited samples that is applicable to food processing, feed stock composition, material and waste analysis, quality control, recycling and alternative energy harvesting.

PECS II System
Ion Milling for SEM/TEM Samples Preparation

Broad argon ion beam system designed to polish and coat samples for SEM imaging and analytical techniques.


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